Teh Rules

Okay, I guess we need some rules? I think everyone is behaving quite wonderfully right now, but you know that means a troll will do a drive by any moment.  Oh trolls...

The Rules: 

1. No IRL names, details, locations, pictures, etc. If the author has it flocked, its off topic and will be deleted.
2. No more general fandom ranting, unless it is relevant to writers/fanfic. There's always fail_fandomanon, if its offtopic here.
3. Excessively hateful posts about authors will be deleted. Sometimes crossing a line is not cool. Mods will decide how much hate is too much. Somewhere around "you may require your uterus to be thoroughly cleansed out with acid, then your being to be doused in petrol and then set on fire. At this stage, please remove your story from the web, as no one wants to suffer that anal ache that is caused by the product of your vag..."  is a bit excessive. (thanks, SAL.)
4. Subject line = topic, people! It'll make getting the anon discussion you want a hell of a lot easier.
5.  Please do try to have fun, too much SRS B hurts my fragile, blackened, mod heart.
6. NO VOTESPAMMING THE POLLS. No, really. This is about the only thing I will get batshit angry over. If I find any rigging/votespamming going on to purposefully hurt the other anons here, I'm disqualifying your fandom. Then I will let all the angry anons rip you apart in a seperate post full of delicious, juicy, offtopic fun.
7. PM is the easiest way if you need to get myself or ljsock's attention, re: ideas, rules being broken, something needing to be deleted, etc. You can also put "Oh wonderful, benevolent Ms. Socks" in the subject line to get my attention :)
8. I can't believe this actually has to be stated as a rule: PLEASE ONLY POST ANON. one, it makes mod replies easier to find, but also, ALSO, the whole point of this meme is that it is anonymous, obviously. To not post replies anon kind of defeats the point, you know?

Discussion Poll #1


Hello fellow anons, its your benevolent mod, robotsock, here. Welcome, welcome to all who have participated in the first thread to this community. We really appreciate the amount of comments we have racked up on the intro thread already, it's nice to see this was a good lj venture after all and people are enjoying it.

But myself and ljsock were thinking maybe the community should have a wee bit of structure? So we had an idea, for the sake of easily tagging and re-finding entries that we would make them fandom(s) specific, and appropriate comments would follow (this can also include comments about authors writing for said fandoms and general ranting about said fandom of the week/month/etc).

If you think this is a good idea, raise you hand! Er, I mean comment. Neither of us have paid accounts, so we will have to do this the old-fashioned way and just have you post and we will tally the votes ourselves. Also, being that it is an anon poll, please for the love of almighty Jesus Christ on a pogo stick do not votespam multiple times. Really, this is practically the community's only rule. Besides everyone's fandom will get a turn, but lets play fair and have the actual winners win, okay?

ljsock and I drew up a list of potential fandoms to start with and we would really like everyone's opinion on what should be first:

Anime & Manga
(including bands/musicians)
Small Fandoms (Also if enough people vote for a "small fandom", we will upgrade its status on the list and make it its own catagory, sound good? Good!)

All votes will be concidered until 12AM, Saturday, July 17th, so vote your fandom up the list once, please while you can!

Thank you,
ljsock & [info]robotsock

Fanfic Anon
Inspired by fail_fandomanon, kind of.

Rules are pretty simple:

Do you want to discuss a particular author's writing style? Do you think he or she is so very overrated you hope some day people will realize that? Or you just want to discuss a particular story you read? Links to the stories are appreciated.

We can also talk about tropes in a particular fandom, fannish tropes, whether rapefic is ever okay to write or not, is always writing about the great white cock racist/misogynist?

Entire meme is choose not to warn, obviously, because there's no way to control if someone wants to quote a part of a fanfiction with disturbing content.

There might be an index at some point. There might not. Probably we need more mods. Any volunteers?

Edit: Mods can't possibly think of all the fandoms out there, so feel free if you want to make a separate post for the fandoms you'd like to discuss.

Edit2: THREAD TITLES PLEASE. By writer/fandom, etc.


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