robots with socks rock (robotsock) wrote in anonficreviews,
robots with socks rock

Star Trek discussion

Annnnnnnd, uno mas!

Discussion topic: Star Trek! (Yes, I know. ALL OF IT.)

Pretty much, if its on the wiki, you can discuss it here. We might give reboot its own post in the future. We might make TOS its own too. But for now enjoy your Kirk & Picard posts together, like Generations, only... better. (*cough* *cough*) Also, check out this series chart. Woo.

Alright, anons. Here are the rulesRead them, know them, love them and have fun.

ljsock & robotsock
Tags: fandom: ds9, fandom: enterprise, fandom: star trek, fandom: strpf, fandom: tng, fandom: tos, fandom: voyager
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